REHAB SUCCESS STORY: Charles Sherwood Makes Great Strides at Brookshire

Charles Sherwood was referred to Brookshire Residence after sustaining a fall. He required extensive physical therapy to strengthen his lower extremities, increase the range of motion in his left ankle, improve his overall gait and promote safety and independence while ambulating.

Since he also experienced pain and weakness in his right upper extremities, Charles received occupational therapy to increase functionality in ADLs and reduce risk of falls during transfers. To improve his cognitive skills, Charles also participated in speech therapy designed to enhance short term memory, deduction/reasoning and problem solving skills.

In all his therapies, Charles has made great strides in his short and long terms goals. He is currently walking with standby assistance with a hemi-walker and an ankle foot orthotic for his left foot. He has gained independence in upper and lower extremity, dressing with minimal assistance.

Charles’ compliance throughout his plan of care has given him with functional skills that will carry over into every area in ADLs. He has developed many compensatory strategies in all areas targeted and his level of participation in all of his therapies has contributed to his overall success.