REHAB SUCCESS: Resident Leaves Rehab Singing and Dancing

Howard Alexander came to Brookshire Residence & Rehab weak and in need of assistance walking, caring for himself, and improving his memory. Our multidisciplinary team came up with a plan of action to help Mr. Alexander achieve the greatest degree of independence possible.

Our physical therapists created a balance/coordination program to help Mr. Alexander make small, quick steps and direction changes that allowed him to resume his ability to dance. Our occupational therapists worked to reduce the risk of falls, and improve his ability to get dressed with minimal assistance. At the same time, our speech therapist worked on improvements to short term memory and cognitive functioning.

Mr. Alexander made great strides and was not only motivated, but eager to come to his therapies. He had great success, meeting all his goals. In fact, on his last day of therapy, he left the building, literally, singing and dancing.